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Character Kaichi and animation by me :heart:

My icons (Only for me to use)

Awesome icons made for me:

Made by me:

Neko =(*3*)=

Oh yeaah..

You guys are too nice //sobs

Yes, ma'am!


:bulletred: = Not replied/not started
:bulletgreen: = Replied/ongoing
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--- Need to do ---

[ Commissions ]

Note: It is not in a specific order. If you want it to be done faster, note be about it. It may add a little to the total price.

:bulletgreen: Male and female dice adopt chibis for Sanaye

:bulletgreen: Full body sketch Black Bishop for DamonNara

:bulletgreen: Half body sketch Black Bishop for DamonNara

:bulletgreen: Bust up/simple bg for Houndofthenight

:bulletgreen: Waist up/medium bg for nubbyRomichi

:bulletgreen: Chibi for Buru-Chii

:bulletgreen: Waist up sketch for Lybellune

:bulletgreen: Full body/medium background for Hyome

:bulletgreen: Full body/medium background for LadyoftheSeireitei

:bulletgreen: Page doll for AngelIceCream97

:bulletgreen: Waist up x2 for kuradoll

:bulletgreen: Waist up sketch for Glass-Moon-Neko

:bulletgreen: Full body x2/detailed background for kitsuneonwheelz

:bulletgreen: Full body sketch for tianshii

:bulletgreen: Full body sketch x2/simple background for Killer-Kawaii

:bulletgreen: Waist up x2/medium background for KONA-Amour

[ Collabs - Waiting for ]

:bulletgreen: With RiyokuSakimori

:bulletgreen: With silverblossoms

:bulletgreen: Double MeMe with chroma-kun

--- Need to reveive ---

This list got so huge that it in doesn't fit on my page :iconmingplz:
If you are listed there, and actually cannot finish it, please contact me.

I rather to not receive anything than waiting forever TuT
I update it immediately after I received something~

Art theft has shocked me...

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 1:41 PM
This journal is about what happened to me. Feel free to ignore it if you get tired of these art thefts around. 

♦ ♦ ♦

This is the first time I write a journal with my personal opinion, because usually I think most subjects are common sense.
Well back to the main subject, I think most people know what art theft is.
If not:…

♦ ♦ ♦

Firstly I thought, it wouldn't happen to me. My art is not worthy to get stolen anyway :iconmingplz:
To me, most people on deviantart are really nice. So far I have only met awesome and kind people ♥

Then today I found someone reposted my artwork, without crediting...
Original source:…
This person has reposted artwork from more artists. I'm sure it's a fake account, so don't bother spamming them with messages xD Just reporting helps a lot ^_^

♦ ♦ ♦

I never bothered to search my artwork on internet, because I trust that people won't steal it.
Though after this incident, I couldn't resist my curiousity :iconrelievedplz:
What I found has shocked me. I never thought it was so much... It makes me really sad.

♦ ♦ ♦





This one makes me cry literaly... I can't believe people would use and edit my OC...

This one too... The picture has been even chopped in half :c

This is even commissioned art.…


Back then I didn't add my signature, now it's just a random drawing floating on multiple sites.


If you are curious about what's written in the first picture (google translate):
You're like a demon that haunts my eyes with your Mirade, which takes advantage of the naivety of my soul,
to entangle my heart with your words and with my body that excites your claws


And there is even more...


Reposted (avatar):…

Reposted (commission work!)…

Text below: Perhaps in a parallel universe my heart was never yours

♦ ♦ ♦

This isn't all, even in videos...


Edit: [ Solved ] Thanks everyone for your support!

Even :icondokimajesticswan:'s and mine signatures are copped off here.…
My signature is copped off here too.

♦ ♦ ♦

I'm sure there are more out here, but I can't handle all of it. Why am I so upset and sad about it?
None of the shown sources had given any credit or/and broke my rules (give credits/do NOT edit/ do not use for RP/do not remove my signature)

Even commissioned art are reposted. How would the commissioner feel to see the art floating around they paid for it?

- Pin, your artwork is shown everywhere, you only get popular :iconmingplz:

What do I gain if none knows who drew the artwork? Or even worse: they claim the artwork/design to be theirs, while I sit here working hours for free. 
Besides I put a lot love and time creating my OCs, they are a part of me. How could someone just take it away...?
I was afraid this would happen since I read many art theft journals. The first step was adding my signature/site. Since I was still afraid I went a step further...
You may have noticed I removed the "Download" button all of my artworks, except for a few called "gifts for my watchers."

Consider these as commission work for my watchers ONLY. Even though they are gifts, it doesn't mean you can claim it as your own work and credit me if you repost.
I trust you guys, so I won't remove the full size view on these gifts.
You may find some old works around without signature or in full size. That is because I didn't limit it in the past.

♦ ♦ ♦

Of course I can't stop this from happening but please, every little help and cooperation is appreciated.
If you respect me, I respect YOU. Thanks to everyone who supported me, your spirits keep me going on~~~ :icononiskiplz:
A reminder: I don't post my art ANYWHERE outside deviantart and if so, I would ALWAYS link to my deviantart page.

Edit: I have a youtube account called: BloodAngie
Edit: I have tumblr (same name: Pinlin) and only post 2 artworks there, which I obviously regret. They got stolen right away. No more tumblr for me lol..

All characters in this journal belongs to their respective owners.


♦ Pin ♦ Lin ♦

Please check this before asking =(^o^)=



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Waaa! Your art is so lovely! :iconuhuhuhuplz: Your gallery really caught my eye, and now that I am properly watching you, I hope to see more awesome art from you! >u<
Lost of love for ya! :iconbunnyloveplz:

And so the stalking begins.:iconheplz:
Butter-yums 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uwahhhh <3333
you draw so nice and pretty //flies
ahahaa you have so much talent and put so much effort into art  <333
I guess i'll be camping out here tonight :iconimsopervyplz:
Pinlin 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww thank you so much //blush :iconuhuhuhuplz:

huehue I love to draw and draw what I love, I think that is the only talent I got ;///;
I hope my old works don't burn your eyes lolz
Butter-yums 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaw so cute <333
Nu, I bet you have some more awesome talents in there ! !  //tackle
Ah they all were beautiful -- I was blinded by beauty <3333
Batusawa 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
How can I forget to watch such a wonderful artist such as yourself?!?! OTL
Watched! :D
*throws sparkles at your face*
Minerva1311 1 day ago  New member Professional Artist
Pinlin 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
有り難う! (ω●)
Minerva1311 1 day ago  New member Professional Artist
LittleGreenCreatures 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your art is simply beautiful
//dies from cuteness
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